Why Choose Us?

because you care.

Making a difference begins with a small step.
Join the tribe that reduces 1.36 million tonnes of glass consumed by Australians yearly.
We care and we know you do too.

easy on your pocket.

Don’t worry about saving your expensive candle jar for special occasions. We believe that great scents should be as accessible as clean water.
Now you can ignite your candle any day anytime.

your candle, your pick.

We know you love having a choice. You will enjoy choosing from a plethora of jars and scents – perfect for a cosy corner or after a cookout.
Grab one for every personality, occasion and mood.

Our story

It all begins with a single mission .. “Never throw a candle jar away again”

Frustrated with the hefty price tag of scented candles and eventually throwing them into recycling or landfill, we decided to find a better way for our lifestyle. 

With the intention of marrying impact and a good price tag in mind,  we brained up ...Oh My Candles, a candles business with a conscience for your well being and our environment.

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